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Navkar is a leading plywood manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We manufacture and supply high-quality plywood, Commercial Plywood boards, Premium Plywood, Alternate Plywood, etc.

plywood manufacturer in Ahmedabad
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Being an extremely versatile product, plywood & blockboard is used for a wide range of applications, spanning from wardrobes and tables to shelves and cabins. With advancement in terms of technology and certifications, Navkar offers not just superior quality plywood & blockboard characterised by maximum precision, uniform thickness and greater strength, but also ensures safe indoor air quality.


Colors have significant role in our life it is scientifically proved that colors effect our mood. They have vibes I.e green has calmness of mother earth while red have darkness in its mood presenting Navkar laminates for your every mood and every vibes capture your moods with our variety of laminates products such as decorative laminates , liner laminates ,high pressure laminates ,and many more.

plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
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plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
Jagdish Shingala Divine Institute

The quality of plywood is excellent. The materials of plywood are long-lasting and excellent. The price was also good and low cost. Amazing service provider in their staff.

plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
Hasmukh Rathod Rathod Furniture

The commercial plywood is very good. and its thickness was excellent. They are an outstanding Manufacturers and Supplier in Ahmedabad with and best wholesale rates. I am satisfied with their plywood and service.

plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
Kakadiya accounting Kakadiya accounting

I am redecorating my house and I want plywood for my house furniture. and the structure of plywood is excellent. Navakar wood industry is one of the top companies of plywood. excellent quality at reasonable prices. amazing experience.

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    We Have Manufactured 1 Lakh Sheet And Even Gained Popularity Among Gujarat’s Top Plywood And Laminate Manufacturing Industry..
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