Navkar BWR Grade Plywood

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As the name implies, boiling water-resistant plywood from Navkarbest Plywood manufacturer in Gujarat-is waterproof and suitable for constantly exposed applications to water. It is also of an exterior grade standard, which means it can be used outside. Weatherproofing is also a feature of BWR grade plywood.

Outdoor furniture such as patio chairs, garden tables and chairs, and restaurant and cafe furniture can all be made with BWR plywood. Since BWR plywood is more likely to get wet, Navkar – The Best BWR Plywood Manufacturer in Gujarat now recommends using it for kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

Synthetic phenolic resins are commonly used to glue this plywood form, giving it its special water-resistant property. In general, Phenol Formaldehyde adhesive is used to bind the various layers and grains of ply together. As a reputable Plywood supplier in Gujarat, our BWR grade plywood is extremely durable and can withstand prolonged exposure to water without warping. It can withstand water better than MR or moisture-resistant plywood of the Interior grade. As a consequence, it is sometimes used to meet the needs of furniture in the home that may be exposed to water, such as kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Being the Best BWR Plywood manufacturer in Ahmedabad, our BWR plywood is termite-proof plywood since the core layer is treated with different toxic chemicals using VPI technology. IS:303 is the Indian Standard specification number for BWR plywood. The BWR Plywood is made from Gurjan Face Veneer, which provides a smoother texture and superior finish.

Gurjan Face Veneer used for Smooth surface and superior finish


Product Details

BWR Grade Plywood

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Thickness19 mm
Size8 x 4 Feet
Core Material Gurjan
Wood Type Hardwood
Glue Used Melamine
Is It ISI Marked? Yes
Country of Origin Made in India

Features Of Navkar Premium Plywood

Key Features

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Borer & Termite Resistant
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15 Year Guarantee
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Boiling Water Resistant

Benefits Of Navkar Premium Plywood

Exceptional Benefits

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Screw holding capacity is higher

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Climate Change

High resistance to all climatic conditions

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Phenolic Resin

Bonded using Phenolic Resin

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