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Colors of Holi …Colors of Laminates

Colors of Holi …Colors of Laminates

India is a Country of festivals and fairs..each day of the year is like festival in India. Not only in India but every festival has been celebrated in the world..and Aapko Pata Hai In India every state have its unique way and name  to celebrate each festival ..with different names .. yes ham Indians ko sab kuch different chahiye hota …Jaise ki Furniture . Our home  have unique way to say something to furniture also have uniqueness by each sates …if you will go to Rajasthan you will have royal furniture and to decorate this Royal Furniture we have  Navkar Laminates…Yes, do you know as Holi have different colors Navakar Laminates and veneers have also different colors to celebrate your Holi? Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers

Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers    Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers

When Holi is celebrated?

Holi a festival of colors has been celebrated in India to welcome the spring and it signifies the triumph of good over evil..Every year date of Holi changes …but to spirit , energy and enthusiasm to celebrate the Holi never changes it doesn’t matter what your caste, creed, or religion is, on this day, the India people come together as one as they throw colored..powder and water through the air. everyone everything is covered with the colors of the rainbow, their skin, hair, and  furniture too..This Year Holi is been celebrated on on March 28 and March 29.

Colors of Holi

Why Holi is celebrated ?

There is a symbolic legend to explain why Holi is celebrated as a festival of triumph of good over evil in the honour of Hindu god Vishnu and his devotee Prahlada. … As the fire roared, the cloak flew from Holika and encased Prahlada, who survived while Holika burned..


State wise Holi Celebration and Furniture, laminates in India :

As every state have its unique way to celebrate Holi We have unique and Famous furniture design too and We Navkar plywood have unique quality and types of laminates , veneers , and Plywood to make this furniture beautiful…Lets Start A journey  of uniqueness of furniture and holi celebration of every state..

Royal Rajastan :

As in the Name Rajastan has Royal Furniture and Royal Holi Celebration ways

One of the many glorious and glamorous aspects of the state if its furniture that offers a similar royal look to your home. Within India as well as abroad, the Rajasthani furniture is known for its beauty and style…Rajasthan is also known as the ‘treasure trove of Indian handicrafts’. Elegantly carved tables, cabinets, chairs, tables, chests, windows, racks, chessboards etc. are produced here.

Rosewood is one of the most exploited species of trees around the world, as it is used in making luxurious furniture, We Navkar Plywood have Primium Rose wood Veneer to have a royal look to your furniture…

Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers


Rangilo Guajarat :

Gujarat is the state of vibrant colors and a beautiful culture. Gujarat’s famous Sankheda furniture is a very colorful variety of furniture treated with Lacquer and painted in traditional bright shades of maroon and gold. In recent years, color innovations have been adopted with black, blue, green, ivory, copper, silver and burgundy shades. These ethnic furniture of Gujarat are not only widely marketed in India but are exported to many countries including Europe and West Asia.As Situated in Gujarat we Navkar Plywood have Designer laminates to have designer Rangilo Gujarat look to your Home

Veneers GujaratAhmedabad laminate manufacturers

Andhra Pradesh :

Andra Pradesh is overwhelming in terms of its rich traditional wooden handicraft and Furniture. Red sandalwood that is locally available is used to carve panels, columns, framework, and traditional dolls .Each hand crafted piece tells a story of perseverance and dedication.

Navakar Plywood has a Variety of Veneers to have ancient handicraft look to your home and furniture

Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers  Ahmedabad laminate manufacturers

Kashmir :

The valley of Kashmir alone is a haven for culture lovers looking forward to witnessing varied art & craft in the state. A glimpse of the state’s rich art & craft heritage can be seen in their lives.

Floral patterns on wood are chiseled with the greatest accuracy of detail. Tables, fruit trays, bowls, chairs, cabinets, candle stands etc. are replete with rich carved patterns and decorative inlay work. Skilled Kashmiri laborers also carve beautiful furniture from rosewood.

Navkar Plywood offers Best Laminates Manufacturers long-lasting beauty and reliable performance at a reasonable price.

Ahmedabad laminate manufacturersAhmedabad laminate manufacturers

So which colour of laminate and Veneers are you buying to this holi?

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