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Covid-19 and Plywood Industry

Covid-19 and Plywood Industry

Covid -19 or corona virus a small virus bring world on its keen. Entire Economy has been shattered in this panadamic . All Sectors including plywood industry sector also been affected by it.Indian Plywood Market has US $ 222.5 Billion Share in economy. Plywood is made of thin layers of wood bonded with suitable adhesive.It is made of such components that makes plywood moisture resistance water resistance borer and termite resistance.


Navkar Plywood always believed in innovation and it also taken care of need of time and customer in their 25 years of growth, With the same time we had taken care of plywood enhanced durability , low toxicity ply woods , environmental sustainability Now as a demand of time we came up with Antibacterial plywood

We Navkar plywood stands out as a unique symbol of hope and trust for customers and continues to dominate the market and  a consumer-facing brand. Though the production of plywood was Half the prices of raw materials had seen an upsurge during the lockdown as finding containers were difficult. Initially executing contact fewer deliveries were a hard task still we were stick with our quality product.Plywood has high structural strength, flexibility, and resistance against chemicals and fire; and provides insulation against sound and excessive heating. As a result of these properties, it is used in various industries ranging from construction to aircraft to marine, and this has helped us to survived us in this panadamic to Our go green initiative and our antibacterial plywood has seen a both demand and growth.

Importance of choosing trust-able brand is a good choice for life and safety. The core reason for this growth and our expansion is the trust customers continued to place in us during these harsh times and their unending loyalty to the brand and its quality.This year has thrown most of the industry out of business while our domination continues on the back of our customers’ love

We repay this trust you have shown in us by the best production quality in our manufacturing and the top-notch guarantee and warranty that is much more competitive than any other brand.

We all are hoping that the industries which are the backbone of our nation will gain their growth strength, grip over the market and earn support from everyone in order to hold the economy strongly.So why to go anywhere

Lets grow together and hope this panadamic will end soon..


Visit us : Yes we are taking all safety majors …

Because Our priority is your safety.

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