Manufacture of plywood

Every Thing You Need about Flush Doors ,Exploring Navkar flush doors.

Looking for Flush Doors,Exploring Navkar flush doors.

Manufacture of plywood

“Atithi Devo Bhav “

Hamare India  ki prachin sabhyata rahi hai ki hamne apne ghar aane wale mehmano k liye Ghar K Darwaje Hamesha Khule rakhe.It is said that first impression is the last impression .. do you know Door is the first impression of your home , so always choose Navkar Flush Doors which are made for your reflection.When we talk about doors flush doors can be a best choice of yours,Made from finest Pine wood and Gurjan face. 

Navkar Door are made  from finest pine wood. We use most popular Gurjan face to achieve completely smooth surface. Doors are made by sandwiching Veneers or MDF Board over light timber frame.


Navkar Flush Doors have wide variety of doors such as laminated doors , veneers  doors and so on … These doors give an elegant look to your interior and exterior furnishing.

Different Sizes

Generally Navkar Flush Doors came into  25mm, 30 mm and 35 mm. But as per your requirement we can provide you any thickness and size of flush door because we care for your need.

different size of door

Navkar doors are antibacterial And budget friendly

Navkar Door don’t let enter to termites and viruses into your home they are termite resistance and antibacterial ,we take care of no gaping system for door manufacturing also , use of 2.5 inch frame gives high screw holding strength still they are light weight. It has low maintenance cost so Navkar doors are budget friendly doors,

Your home is reflection of your dreams and personality .. and doors are not a mere a showcase or in and out gate it is a symbol of our Indian warm and welcoming culture they are ghar k darwaje dil k darwaje so jab bhi

Darwaja chunana Navakar Darwaja chunana..

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