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MR plywood is commercial-grade plywood of exceptional internal strength. It is mostly used in the interiors of homes and offices. It can be used to make interior furniture such as kitchen rooftops, wall-mounted cabinets, file cabinets, doors, chairs, and tables. The moisture-resistant plywood grade has the highest internal density of all the plywood grades. As a result, it’s tough and resistant to warping and folding. This significantly extends the life of your furniture. Interior grade plywood is another name for MR plywood. Navkar is the best commercial plywood manufacturer in Gujarat.

The various layers or grains of MR grade plywood are bound together with Phenol Formaldehyde adhesive. According to some environmental experts, we’d like to point out that phenol formaldehyde is more environmentally friendly than Urea Formaldehyde.

Commercial plywood is the local term for MR grade plywood. Since it is the most widely used and popular plywood in the construction industry, it is an important component of all types of furniture. 

MR Grade Plywood is not watertight or waterproof. The most popular misunderstanding about MR grade plywood is that it is water-resistant. If you’re looking for waterproofing in MR grade plywood, you’ll be disappointed because the complete shape of MR in MR grade plywood is moisture-resistant, which means it can withstand moisture easily. It can, however, only withstand moisture, not water. MR grade plywood is the most popular type of plywood in hot and humid climates, especially in tropical areas, due to its moisture resistance. Navkar offers a wide range of products in both MR and BWP (Boiling Water Proof) grades to satisfy your needs. 

Commercial Plywood is very different from BWP or BWR plywood. Boiling waterproof plywood or boiling water-resistant plywood is not the same as MR grade plywood, which has a much lower water exposure threshold. This is why they’re so common in kitchens and bathrooms, where there are many water-related activities.

Commercial Plywood is immune to termites and borer infestations. MR grade plywood is made to withstand termites and borer largely due to the chemical treatment that successful plywood companies use when manufacturing this plywood.

MR Grade Plywood is extremely long-lasting. Plywood with a higher number of plies has a better chance of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday use. MR grade plywood is made of high-quality hardwood timber for maximum strength and longevity, making it ideal for industrial and residential applications. Navkar is the best commercial plywood manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Not all industrial plywood is of the MR standard. MR grade plywood, on the other hand, refers to industrial plywood. Commercial plywood, like waterproof plywood, comes in a variety of grades. From standard commercial plywood to MR grade plywood, there’s something for everyone. There are two types of MR grade plywood: low quality and high quality. A high-quality MR grade plywood, on the other hand, would be denser and heavier than a low- or medium-grade MR plywood.

These features render MR grade plywood the preferred choice for homeowners and architects. The GLP formula, or glue line safety formula, is used by brands like Navkar to protect plywood from borer and termites. It’s also necessary to have good plies adhesion to keep plywood going for a long time. Above all, good quality MR plywood meets specific furniture needs and understanding the different MR grades will help you choose the right one. For the best MR Grade Plywood manufacturer in Gujarat, visit Navkar.

Used Mainly in interiors of home and offices


Product Details

Royal touch laminates price
Thickness19 mm
Size8 x 4 Feet
Core Material Gurjan
Wood Type Hardwood
Glue Used Melamine
Is It ISI Marked? Yes
Country of Origin Made in India

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Key Features

Royal touch laminates price
Borer & Termite Resistant
Sag wood price in Gujarat
10 Year Guarantee

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Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistant grade of plywood has the highest internal density among all the available grades of plywood

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Phenol FORMALDEHYDE adhesive is used for binding the different layers or grains of MR grade plywood which is eco-friendly

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