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MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF Medium Density fiberboard is a extremely common material used for Building Or DIY projects While you had heard you may misunderstood about the quality maybe because of its lower price.No No don’t misunderstood though Navkar MDF are lowest price MDF but still its a quality product. laminated plywood door price

How MDF is Made ?

Navkar MDF  is created by using heat and pressure to fuse together fine wood fiber and glue. Because of this  MDF is strong yet extremely easy to work with. Plus, it is environmentally friendly, created using recycled wood.

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Advantages of Navkar MDF Board


  1. Navkar MDF is highly economical, cheaper than plywood and hardwoods.


  1. MDF is environmentally friendly, created from recycled wood.


  1. The consistent texture throughout MDF means it will have a smooth finish when cut.


  1. MDF offers a smooth surface which, with priming, can easily be painted in a variety of different shades.


  1. MDF is easier to shape than solid wood. The smoothness and strength of MDF means it can be cut into detailed patterns or designs without breaking.

Application Of MDF

Navkar MDF especially suitable for Modular Funiture , wordrobes wall paneling partitions kitchen cupboard etc

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