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Medium-density fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a type of engineered wood that rivals the cost and adaptability of plywood and other engineered wood materials. MDF even outperforms all others in some cases since it’s so incredibly easy to work with. MDF, unlike genuine wood, lacks knots, grain, or warping, and its smooth surface quickly yields to the saw, resulting in no splinters, burns, or tear-outs. If you are looking for MDF supplier near me, Visit Navkar today!  

How Is It Composed?

MDF begins as sawdust and shavings—all of the small bits and pieces of wood left over after industrial milling. These wood fibres are then dried and combined with glue and wax before being moulded into panels. Those panels are compressed and made rigid, with a hard shell, under tremendous heat and tremendous pressure. Giant machines sand the panels down to a silky smooth finish before cutting them to specified dimensions in the last stage of production.

Colour Combination Of MDF

Being the top MDF supplier in Ahmedabad,  our boards come in a variety of colours and thicknesses, with the most common being tan or a darker brown. It’s also worth noting that an MDF board can be marked or stamped with a certain attribute. For example, a blue or red marking indicates that a board is fire resistant, whereas a green sign suggests that it is moisture resistant.

The Advantages Of MDF

It’s the same as working with actual wood while dealing with MDF. There are no new skills or tools required. In fact, when compared to sawing and trying intricate work with solid board, MDF is likely to be far more pliable. It’s user- and budget-friendly for smaller items like shelves and cabinetry. Its surface also accepts paint nicely and serves as a welcoming foundation for a thin veneer coating.


Product Details

Thickness19 mm
Size8 x 4 Feet
Core Material Gurjan
Wood Type Hardwood
Glue Used Melamine
Is It ISI Marked? Yes
Country of Origin Made in India

Types of MFD that Navkar offer

Types Of MFD

Particle Board

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Laminated Board

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Fibre Board

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Veneered Board

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properties Of Navkar MFD

Important Properties

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Features Of Navkar mfd

Key Features

Why Choose Navkar MFD?

Exceptional Benefits

Navkar is the best pre laminated MDF board manufacturers in India.  As the top MDF supplier in Ahmedabad, we garner the most attention because of the quality of MDF that we offer. The following characteristics must be present in an MDF board

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MDF boards must have a strong bonding strength and rigidity due to improved technology.

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Termite Resistant

To be termite and borer resistant, MDF boards must go through a series of chemical treatments.

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0% Latex

MDF boards composed of wood and containing no latex are appropriate for surface finishes.

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Environmental Friendliness

Must be made from sustainable wood from agro-forestry planted trees with a three- to four-year life cycle. Navkar is a leading manufacturer of pre-laminated MDF boards. Our MDF boards are ideal for building long-lasting furniture and creating unique decors.

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