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Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood

“Furniture “ is the soul of the home and decoration,Furniture is the part of decoration for which you are more cautious about ,When you think of furniture terms like plywood , Marine ply, fireproof ply tend to get thrown around you.commercial plywood price.

Nowadays you might be hearing and gone through ads about marine or waterproof plywood more often, We understand when we think of buying of plywood you have 100 of questions lingering in mind How ? what and where ? We are one stop solution of your questions and your plywood quest.

There are too many misconception about plywood that it is delicate darling or it is a decoration material, and plywood can not be a waterproof and so on but its a myth Because it is very durable , affordable and waterproof, so plywood is widely used today for interior and exterior also.

Can plywood be water proof ?

The answer is yes plywood is waterproof, the use of waterproof film on its surface and no sealing syastem reduces the risk of water retention, the use of external water-resistant glue gives Navkar premium a unique feature of water retention and moisture exposure

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Navkar Plywood is manufactured with high-quality Gurjan Veneers  

Our plywood is composed of high-quality Gurjan face and core veneers, these material is constructed from the finest quality of wood .these sheets are chemically treated which makes plywood borer resistant too, You can find twice as many layers in this type of plywood compared to the other standard Plywood that makes Navkar Premium ply  Best Performer in humidity and wet conditions anywhere , also guarantees  plywood’s durability, as well as the structural strength .

Though it is Marine Plywood Navkar Plywood is alike Regular Plywood

Yes, too many of our customer have perception that as name suggest Navkar Ply is used only for marine applications or only for exterior use, especially for boat building. Then we would like to clear that though with all the extra bells and whistles, a sheet of Marine Plywood is still very similar to regular plywood. Marine plywood is made of high quality hardwood while regular plywood is made of softwood that doesnt mean softwood has not a quality product but marine plywood stand diifernt from regular plywood beacause of its waterproof quality, still it is in your budget. Cost of marine plywood is affordable You can use Navkar Marine Ply for many of the same applications if you desire…this is one of the most affordable and durable choice for your furniture.

Do you need it ?

Yes of course you can use Navkar premium ply For building work in and around the house, for example when replacing your worse-for-wear bathroom or installing a new en suite, you may be keen to use marine ply. The resistance to rot and decay, as well as no structural deficits or warping from over-exposure to water, would suggest that marine ply is an excellent choice for these locations.

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Versatile and Durable

Navkar Premium plywood had given a  its smooth surface is soft to touch. With Navkar premium ply you can give any type of look to your furniture  In other words, our plywood offers a plenty of  plywood options, Nowadays marine plywood can be used for

  • building durable

  • Porches

  •  decks 

  • backyard playhouses, and so on

Marine plywood comes in many different grades, sizes, and weights and boasts many advantages over regular plywood.Because It comes with a combo of versatility  durability and matching with your budget too.commercial plywood price

If you’re seeking to learn more about Marine-grade plywood or are hoping to purchase some for any type of project

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commercial plywood price

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