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Veneers.. To Win your Dream furniture design

Veneers.. To Win your Dream furniture design


You are reading this means your are thinking of decor your sweet home and office right ? you may have searched for the same on internet, social media then you may have asked to friends also and you must be filled with  words like plywood , laminates , veneers , you are on the right place to get your confusion clear we Navkar plywood leading supplier of plywood laminates and veneers ..a one stop solution to your all your plywood laminate and veneer solution.

What is Veneer ?

Veneers,are a traditional and significant aspect of furniture-making ,Do you know Veneers have been used in furniture-making  techniques for over 200 years, and have proven track record making furniture beautiful and classy.

A veneer is actually a “paper thin” cut of wood that’s applied to both sides of a strong core surface,

There are many applications for a veneer but those used for decorative purposes are usually obtained from trees like oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry, teak wood, etc.

The veneers which are made from high quality logs are superior in quality.Veneers are constructed with strong adhesives It is pasted on Gurjan face or imported plywood to help improve their aesthetic value and help increase their beauty. Doing so effectively reduces the cost of the furniture and at the same time improves the appearance. Veneer is very cost effective option for the furniture making.

One of the major advantages of using veneers is that it is highly stable and lesser chances of it splitting or cracking, unlike solid wood. It will also not be affected by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It is also a highly sustainable material and ranges from simple design to highly exotic.

So, it is beneficial to use veneers for many different applications including furniture for both office and homes.

If Laminates and Veneers are same ?

Yes , our many customer are always confused with laminates and veneers. And our Navkar team is always happy to give a satisfied answers to 100 questions of them.

So laminates basically also famous as a sunmica in India and subcontinent which is a flat surface layer of plastic surface,  It is made of craft and design paper on which phenol sheet is placed and pressed in machine. Veneers on other hand on the other hand, are made from very finely sliced pieces of real wood that are pressed on a plywood base.

So keep in mind laminates and veneers are not same.

We Navkar Plywood have Different types of veneers such as teak veneer , oak veneer , walnut veneer to make your home and office furniture beautiful .These variety of veneers gives a rich and Classy look to your furniture.veneer finish furniture have a soft touch and class to your decor. And veneer is made of real wood so no veneer sheet has same look.

royal touch laminates price

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