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Safe plywood for homes and the environment

Times are changing and the ways you want to live are changing. With almost all the changes happening in almost all the spaces, the way you want to design houses is changing. Nowadays people are moving towards eternal life to live a happy and healthy life.

With such evolution, the home decoration market has also gone through a phase of progress. Now, you will find a lot of options to decorate and design your interior in an aesthetic as well as durable way. To live a green life, there have been many successes in interior planning and one of them is the invention of sustainable plywood.

As you know, plywood is the most widely used engineered wood that is made by compiling thin layers of wood. The wood of this engineered material is sourced from a variety of places, depending on the choice of the plywood manufacturer. The durability of plywood is determined not only by how the wood is obtained but also by the production process. As a buyer, you need to make sure that you have made the right choice when looking for durable plywood. Logically, you should consider the type of wood used in the ply and how it is made to determine if it is safe to use.

Although it is difficult to track such information about plywood, it is beneficial for you and your home. To allay your worries, we have good news for you! If you are looking for durable and safe plywood for homes, there is nothing better than Navkar plywood.

What makes Navkar’s Plywood durable plywood?

As you may have read above, the durability of plywood depends on the wood and the production process. Navkar Plywood has both advantages! Navkar Plywood is made from agroforestry timber and, therefore, choosing Navkar Plywood helps you to live eternally. Plywood has the following advantages that make it completely durable:

1. 100% plantation wood used

Tree wood is considered a renewable, reusable natural resource that looks attractive and versatile. With so many things already, it is also energy efficient for creation. Wood acts as a reservoir of carbon, which plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions.At Navkar Plywood, 100% plantation wood is used during timber sourcing. Not only does this support our promise to contribute to Mother Nature, but it also ensures that the health of your home is maintained when you use Navkar Plywood.

2. Agroforestry made from wood

Agroforestry is associated with sustainable farming practices. This practice is based on environmental principles that are observed in natural ecosystems. These agroforestry systems have the potential to produce food, biomass, and raw products that can be used in economic activities. Navkar plywood chooses to use agroforestry wood to support sustainable practices.

3. Emission-free plywood

In general, some building materials, such as formaldehyde, are popular and infamous when considering a product. Formaldehyde is a common chemical compound and many plywood companies use phenol-formaldehyde to add durability to plywood. With this in mind, Navkar Plywood’s plywood is the highest standard for plywood for complete safety.

Besides, our production process is also a modern one that helps us all stay apart! The following are some of the manufacturing processes that make up plywood – really safe plywood.

1. The advantage of tetracycline

This technology passes each pressed bundle of core veneer by pressing four times during the production phase. This formula has been inherited by the Japanese industry after more than two years of rigorous quality inspection to provide plywood with perfect bonding, flatness, dimensional stability, and durability. This is a unique formula that helps to make safe plywood for a durable life.

2. Made with matply

This is a uniquely designed method in which all layers of core veneer are joined by a core composer to reduce gaps and core joints between the plywood. This cross-lamination also restricts veneer movement and allows the plywood to retain its dimensions even in moisture or temperature changes. The technology ensures zero core overlap and distance, fewer joints, and more strength.

3. Calibrated panels on both sides

The Navkar Plywood range comes with calibrated panels on both sides that are achieved by calibrating in a premium machine. Plywood uniquely designed for dimensional stability and high durability comes with uniform thickness everywhere. This method also guarantees a super smooth surface after lamination. Calibration in plywood is a uniquely designed method that is usually performed with the help of a premium machine. Navkar Plywood offers not one but two-sided calibration which makes the ply durable and it makes it safe plywood.

4. All levels tendered

Problems that plywood causes you to face over the years include internal bubbles or bending. To eliminate it, our production process tenderizes all layers of core veneer to ensure that the final product is free from wrinkles, bubbles, warping, delamination, curves, or any kind of bending.

All of our innovative technologies help Navkar Plywood become the right choice when looking for durable plywood. As the world moves towards sustainable living, Navkar Plywood can prove to be a brand that can be trusted to build elegant and eco-friendly homes with its safe plywood range.

Everlasting life takes time and the sooner you embrace it the better for you and the environment! What are you waiting for Check out our durable and safe plywood range today.

plywood manufacturers in Gujarat

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