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Navkar is a leading plywood manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We manufacture and supply high-quality plywood, Commercial Plywood boards, Premium Plywood, Alternate Plywoods, etc. Plywood manufacturers in Gujarat

Result View Original All our plywood is manufactured using advanced machinery and we adhere to a quality-control process. together with the renowned plywood manufacturer in Gujarat, India, we have the potential to satisfy every requirement and demand of our clients. Since our inception, we’ve been able to consistently deliver unmatched quality when it involves plywood.

Plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
Plywood manufacturers in Gujarat
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Navkar Plywood

Navkar Plywood has been a trailblazer in the use of innovation at work. This plywood business in Ahmedabad began in a rental facility and has grown into a five-factory empire. Our high-quality goods have ushered in a new era in the idea of living spaces. Our activities are guided by the principles of integrity, courage, innovation, and productivity. We also offer veneer and lumber band, bespoke core construction, drilling, and precise edge finishing using cutting-edge CNC technology.

For today’s knowledgeable and discriminating clients, we’re constantly inventing new product concepts that give them the most freedom to experiment with numerous permutations and combinations. We guarantee that our customers have more alternatives to help them reach their objectives by giving them more freedom.

Navkar Plywood is also committed to preserving its position as a complete state-of-the-art facility that will give you a product of unrivalled quality. We understand the end-use needs for our wood products, and we aim to help our clients succeed by providing creative product solutions. Our plywood products are environmentally friendly throughout their whole life cycle. Our plywood products are environmentally friendly throughout their entire life cycle. Our plywood is also available in a variety of colours and finishes. Let’s have a peek at our product offerings:

Plywoods: We are the best plywood manufacturers in Gujarat. Other natural wood products or industrial plywood are not intended to tolerate water as well as our plywood sheets. Raw and prefinished plywood in various thicknesses and grades are available. There are three types to choose from:

  • Waterproof Plywood
  • BWR Grade Plywood
  • Commercial Plywood

Block Board: It is lightweight and widely utilised in the construction of interior and exterior doors. It’s constructed of seasoned solid wood cores with face veneers on top that are horizontally spaced. The board is seasoned for moisture content and chemically treated for resistance to wood-destroying organisms. The following are the two options:

  • Waterproof Blockboard
  • BWR Grade Blockboard

Plywood manufacturers in Gujarat

Doors: Navkar is an Ahmedabad-based Indian wooden door maker that has perfected the art of creating luxurious custom-made wooden door sets for high-end residential structures. We provide a wide range of luxury wooden doors in India, from pre-hung interior doors to solid wood doors and custom-made doors for your house.
MDF(Medium-density fiberboard): Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a form of engineered wood that competes with plywood and other engineered wood products in terms of cost and flexibility. In certain situations, MDF beats all others because it is so simple to deal with. Unlike natural wood, MDF has no knots, grain, or warping, and its flat surface gives the saw fast, leaving no splinters, burns, or tear-outs.
Laminates: Navkar, a leading laminates supplier in Ahmedabad, provides high-quality laminate sheets in various textures, colours, and patterns. Antibacterial, fire retardant, scratch and impact-resistant, and many other features make our laminate sheets an excellent option for home and commercial applications.
Veneers: With over 200 exotic wood varieties, including Wenge, Mahogany, and Oak, Navkar boasts the world’s largest collection of veneers. While each veneer is a piece of art in and of itself, our special touches take it to new levels. Navkar is luxurious and timeless because of its exquisite craftsmanship, infused with innovative treatments to create unique and stunning variants.

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With years of experience in the plywood industry in India, we have carved a niche among plywood suppliers in India and understand the requirements of the industry. At Navkar, our vast knowledge about plywood enables us to manufacture and deliver plywood products that come with nonpareil finishing and details. We strive to enhance the utility and feasibility of our product by carefully comparing the raw material with the application of products.
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    The first and foremost principle in building a top-quality product is authenticity. we've excelled for quite 23 years due to the authenticity within the way we do business with fellow humans and therefore the quality we promise to deliver consistently.

    The second principle that we always follow is that transparency within the pricing structure and quality verification to make sure customers get value for his or her money. We also are transparent regarding timely delivery also as marketing support. Our after-sales support ensures that the interests of the customer are taken care of within the most transparent manner.

    The third principle that we've incorporated in our business is consistency. Our customers are promised consistent quality throughout, which is why many big names across the country are still related to us after 23 years of doing business with them.
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We Have Manufactured 1 Lakh Sheet And Even Gained Popularity Among Gujarat’s Top Plywood And Laminate Manufacturing Industry..
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