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Navkar is the Best Plywood Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Our Waterproof plywood sheets are Plywood designed to withstand water better than other natural wood products or industrial Plywood. When the sheets of Plywood are stuck together with phenolic resin, a synthetic plastic resin, the Plywood becomes waterproof. And when laminated, the Plywood has a high level of stability. Since the tensile strength is reduced and the load is spread over a greater surface area, Plywood can accommodate and bear the overload and thus be used as construction flooring. Since the Plywood has a cross-laminated structure, it is relatively stable when the temperature and moisture or humidity levels change.

Buy Premium+710 waterproof plywood from Navkar – the best Plywood Sheet Supplier in Ahmedabad, which has a high strength to weight ratio and high stiffness to weight ratio. Since Plywood is inexpensive, it is used in structural applications such as flooring, formwork, webbed beams, and shear walls. Since Plywood is corrosion resistant, it is often used in chemical plants and cooling towers. The ply with a BWP (Boiling Water Proof) rating and IS 710 Grade standards are resistant to moisture and water, making it suitable for marine applications.

Navkar is the top Plywood Manufacturer in Gujarat. This Plywood is available in all standard sizes like thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm and 19mm. In this Global Covid Situation, Navkar takes extra care of your safety; thus, our products come with Antibacterial quality. The microbial decay resistance of the waterproof Plywood is also impressive.

Used for making furniture, panelling, partitions, Kitchen.


Product Details

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Thickness19 mm
Size8 x 4 Feet
Core Material Gurjan
Wood Type Hardwood
Glue Used Melamine
Is It ISI Marked? Yes
Country of Origin Made in India

Features Of Navkar Premium Plywood

Key Features

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Anti Viral & Bacterial
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Borer & Termite Resistant
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25 Year Guarantee
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Boiling Waterproof

Benefits Of Navkar Premium Plywood

Exceptional Benefits

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 High strength and nail holding capacity

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All Navkar plywoods comes with Hot and cold press technology for a smoother finish

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Bonded with an unexpended PF (Phenol-Formaldehyde) resin

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